Club Flight Instructors

Kelli Canup

Chief Flight Instructor


Commercial Pilot:



Kelli Canup is a Wilmington resident, professional pilot, certified flight instructor and full-time mom. She received a BA degree in Physiology and Psychology from St. Mary’s College in California.


Kelli was a flight attendant for United Airlines early in her career but realized she was more fascinated with what was happening in the cockpit versus the passenger section of the plane and made the switch to become a professional pilot. Kelli accomplished her training at Comair Aviation Academy, a Part 141 Flight School, and received all of her ratings in just 10 months. After 2 1/2 years as a flight instructor, Kelli was hired by Comair Airlines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines, where she flew as a commercial pilot for 5 years.


Kelli eventually found her way to Wilmington, NC where she has been a flight instructor since 2015. She has accumulated over 5,500 hours of total flight time which includes over 2,500 with commercial airlines and 2,100 of dual instruction. Kelli also serves the Wilmington general aviation community by serving as the local Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team (FAAST) representative. Her dedication to aviation safety is one of her passions and she is committed to helping to improve the nation’s aviation accident rate by conveying safety principles through training, outreach, and education.


Kelli has two magnificent children and is married to fellow aviation professional, Eric Canup, Chief Pilot and Director of Flight Operations for Live Oak Bank.

Jonathan M. Groner


Commercial Pilot:


- Gold Seal CFI, CFII, MEI

Jonathan moved to the Wilmington area in 2017 after a 16-year career in law enforcement. Jonathan was a Military Policeman with the 3D US INF Regiment (The Old Guard) stationed at Ft. Myer, VA for 5 years before joining the Virginia State Police as a Trooper and eventually became a Special Agent with the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation. 

Jonathan's interest in aviation began with an after school program at the age of 7 which culminated in several discovery flights. After earning his private pilot certificate in 2008, Jonathan worked as a FLIR operator on the Virginia State Police Aviation Unit's Bell 407 turbine helicopter.

Jonathan returned to pursue his career in aviation after leaving his career in Law Enforcement in 2016 and attending ATP Flight School at the Raleigh-Durham location (KRDU) for their career pilot program. While at ATP, Jonathan earned his Instrument, Commercial Single and Multi-Engine Certificates, as well as Multi-engine Flight Instructor, Single-engine Flight Instructor, and Instrument Flight Instructor Certificates. Jonathan also recently earned his Commercial Airplane Single Engine Sea certificate and teaches pilots to fly seaplanes in Wilmington with Aqua Aero LLC in a Maule M-7-260 Amphibian.

Jonathan recently earned his Gold Seal Flight Instructor certificate from the FAA and continues to teach while managing the day to day operations at All American Aviation’s ILM location. 

Danielle Donovan PIC.jpeg

Danielle Donovan


Commercial Pilot:



Danielle Donovan moved to Wilmington in 2018 as a recent high school graduate, to continue her collegiate soccer career. Danielle received her Associate in Science Degree in Chemistry before transferring to UNCW, where she continues to study Geography and Geospatial Sciences.

Danielle has always had a passion for aviation, and was inspired by her mother who is a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines. Danielle began her aviation career in January of 2019, and received her private Pilot certificate that following May on the same week she received her Associates Degree. By May of 2020, Danielle went on to receive her Instrument, Commercial, and CFI certificates. She accomplished CFII most recently in October of 2020, and is currently working on her Multi-Engine Commercial certificate!

Danielle is originally from Hickory, North Carolina; and now often visits her family that live all across the country. She is passionate about instructing, energetic, and loves to make flying fun!

Mary Kuehn PIC.jpg

Mary Kuehn


Commercial Pilot:



Mary Kuehn moved to Wilmington in 2019 when her husband was stationed at Camp Lejeune. Mary received a BSBA degree in Marketing from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. After graduating in 2015 she moved to Washington DC and became a flight attendant for United Airlines! Mary really enjoyed her time as a flight attendant, traveling to 10+ different countries but decided she would rather be in the cockpit than in the cabin! 


Mary began her flight training in Wilmington in May of 2019 here at ILM. Mary accomplished private, instrument, commercial, CFI and CFII all in 12 months. Mary has been a flight instructor in Wilmington for one year and has accumulated over 1,000 hours of total flight time and 600 hours of dual instruction, of which 180 hours is instrument instruction.


Mary is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, but loves being so close to the ocean! Mary's husband, Ryan, is a Marine and they have been married for 2 years. Mary loves instructing and enjoys bringing the friendly skies to general aviation! 

Juan Mueses


Commercial Pilot:



Juan Mueses is passionate about aviation and has been studying and/or working in aviation for the past 14 years. He was born and raised in the countryside of the Dominican Republic. After high school, he received a scholarship to study Aeronautic Engineering in Venezuela.


After graduation, Juan moved back to the Dominican Republic to work for the Dominican Institution of Civil Aviation. In 2016, he moved to North Carolina and began working for Air Wilmington as a line service technician.


In his spare time, Juan began piloting courses. He received his first pilot’s license in 2018 and has since added an instrument rating, commercial pilot license, CFI and CFII. Juan began offering his time as a flight instructor for the Cape Fear Flying Club in 2019.