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Ready to Join?

To apply for club membership, you must submit copies of the following:
  1. Completed Application (click on application below to print out).

  2. Copy of Driver's License (front & back).

  3. Copy of Renter's Insurance Binder (minimum requirement of $50,000 liability and $20,000 aircraft).
            Note: If you need recommendations for insurance, please email us to discuss

  4. Copy of your pilot certificate or student pilot certificate (unless you will be pursuing primary training).

  5. Copy of your current medical certificate (or completed Basic Med course).

  6. Please click below for our membership application and instructions for submitting.

Click here for CFFC application

Why choose Cape Fear Flying Club?

  • Diamond aircraft are some of the safest general aviation aircraft ever produced, as published by Aviation Safety Magazine.

  • We are conveniently located at Wilmington International Airport, a Class D airspace with great runways (8,016 x 150 ft.; 7,754 x 150 ft.), an operating control tower, and approach/departure control.

  • Our aircraft are modern, composite aircraft (DA40s are 2008 models, DA20 is 2004), offering modern avionics and equipment.

  • The Diamond DA40s offer 135-145 knot cruise speeds, reducing your overall cost per mile.

  • The aircraft sip fuel when leaned properly, often consuming only 8-10 gallons per hour during cruise flight.

  • Our aircraft are hangared at Modern Aviation (formerly Air Wilmington), a first-class FBO where you will receive red carpet service. With a simple phone call, the aircraft are pulled out to the flight line, fueled, and are awaiting your arrival. 

  • The DA40s are hangared, keeping the planes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  • N829DS is AIR CONDITIONED for those hot, muggy days!

  • We service our aircraft using the most highly rated maintenance, avionics, composite, engine and prop shops.

  • The club follows rigorous 50-hour and 100-hour progressive maintenance inspections, even though they are not required by the FAA. This preventive maintenance strategy versus deferred maintenance means our dispatch rates are as high as possible.

  • Want to take an overnight or weekend trip? It's ok in our club with low suggested minimum of just two flight hours per day (some exceptions apply).

  • Advertised club events and available seats for passengers. Need a safety pilot? A member has you covered!

  • Club insurance policy is better than most, offering $1 million coverage on all of our airplanes and $100K per passenger sub limit. 

  • The DA40s are equipped with best in class G1000 avionics, including features such as GFC700 autopilot, Synthetic Vision, Traffic and Terrain Awareness, XM Weather Datalink and XM Music!

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